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World Series Champion Acknowledges Chiropractic Care in Post-Game Interview

Is a chiropractor part of your health care team?

"World Series Champion Max Scherzer on how he went unable to start game 5 to pitching in game 7 and giving his team the chance to win it all.

"The cortisone shot worked," Scherzer added. "That relieved the pressure on the nerve, and then keep applying heat. Our chiropractor, he does amazing work, he was able to go in there and make adjustment. We did two treatments of it and really freed up the neck, the C5-C6 area, along with the trap, spasm, really felt like it subsided. And even when I was warming up tonight I felt really good. I'm good to go." If world-class athletes need chiropractic care to perform at their best, what’s stopping you from seeing a chiropractor to return to activities you love, improving range of motion or daily function, or to get out of pain?

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